Purchasing your dream home in Italy is one thing.  Maintaining it (especially if you live in another country) is an entirely different effort.  Here at Lucca Property Services, we make owning a property anywhere in Italy a snap by offering a variety of property management services:



Italian bills, taxes and systems can be a bit tricky (let’s face it – they’re ridiculously confusing) to understand and work through.  That’s why we’ve set up these THREE SERVICE BUNDLES to make your property admin a cinch!

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Beyond the paperwork, you have an actual property to look after, with yards/gardens (that have the pesky habit of growing even when you’re not there) and maybe even a pool. And it’s so easy to think of ways to improve on your property with various types of building works.  This is not an issue when LPS has your back!


Because we know from experience that things happen, we do a bunch of other stuff, too…

  • Ran out of time during your stay and didn’t get to purchase those last few wine glasses? We’ve got this. SHOPPING FOR OUR CLIENTS is one of our most popular extras!
  • Need to arrange for the delivery of a new bedroom set?  No worries.  Here at Lucca Property ServicesWE ORGANIZE DELIVERIES and make sure someone is at your property to receive them!
  • What about all those other surprises that pop up? You know, the things you can’t plan for or anticipate?  Like the smell of gas your neighbors are complaining about or the pool pump malfunction while you have guests at your property. With Lucca Property ServicesEVEN UNEXPECTED FOREIGN PROPERTY ISSUES ARE EASILY HANDLED!


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